The Land with No Mirrors

Once upon a time, an avocado seed and a mango seed became the best of friends. They talked enthusiastically about everything, challenging each other about the ways of life and nature. A strong bond grew between them. Day and night, they argued and debated about the birds, the sun, the soil, the clouds, the wind, and the moon. There was no better company on Earth.

One day, the avocado seed looked at the sky and said in a ceremonial tone, “I think the time has come for us to evolve. It is time for us to stop being just seeds and to reach our full potential.”

The mango seed looked at the avocado seed and smiled. How many times had they surprised each other when they realized they were both thinking the same thing?

“I agree,” he said. “Out of all those who succeeded around here, I admire the tomato the most. She is fully grown, perfectly shaped, red, and glossy. If we were to follow the tomato and carefully imitate her ways, paying close attention to every detail, asking for her blessing and her guidance, we shall also become fully-grown tomatoes one day.”

“Well, that may be true,” said the avocado seed. “The tomato is truly remarkable. But have you noticed the corn over there? He is yellow, long, and elegant. The Heavens gave him a gorgeous green suit. That has to mean something! You know, yellow and green are the colors of life, after all.”

“Sorry, my dear friend. My calling is to become a fully-grown tomato. I wish to be that gloriously perfect one day.”

“I understand,” said the avocado seed, crestfallen and sensing a good-bye. “In all honesty, I had already decided to travel to South America. I heard that over there, if I’m true to my goal, I can gain access to ancient texts describing the Ways of the Corn. The scripts contain the secret knowledge from past Corn Masters. If I could just read those books and work tirelessly to understand and apply them, I know one day I too shall become a fully-realized Corn.”

So, they parted ways, heartbroken at the loss of friendship but excited at the prospect of fulfillment. They began a life of seeking yet never finding in the land with no mirrors.