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My friends call me JC. I currently live in Southern California with my wife and two children. Let There Be Us is my first published book.

At some point in our lives, the time arrives when we ask ourselves, What am I doing here? Or Who am I? We may get there via success—Now what? pops up in our heads after we are done raising the kids and have sent them off to college. What is next? we may wonder after years of marriage and a steady career. Or we may get there via pain and suffering—What is the meaning behind all this? Why keep going?

The time for asking these questions came very early to me. Since I can remember, I’ve been engrossed by the need to understand life, myself, and others. I developed a keen interest in people, their activity, their feelings, and their thoughts. This unyielding curiosity eventually led to the recognition of causes hiding in plain sight, and the understanding of patterns that I may have confused with randomness or unfairness before. And this interest in people also led me into a career in Human Resources.

In July of 2019, I was still working as the VP of People & Culture for a very successful online marketing company. It was a startup when they hired me. I joined three brothers, their very good friends, and a bunch of awesome people back in May of 2014. Together, we grew the company to over 1,000 employees, including temps, in about four years. If you have ever seen breathtaking growth, well, this was it.

My main focus at the time was on helping each employee succeed. I have always enjoyed assisting others. And I love helping small groups grow and flourish. My time with this group of people had been enormously gratifying. But, as it turned out, helping others ended up helping me. Each interaction, even the rough ones, was a step forward on my journey. I was learning and growing vicariously in addition to my own experiences.

The company was at a great place now with employees in four different states and annual revenue of over 600 million. I decided it was time to step down from corporate life and take a few months to write a book sharing my observations. And so it was that Let There Be Us came to be.

Let There Be Us is meant for folks with similar interests to mine. That seems to be a growing number—people seeking understanding and spiritual growth. If you are reading this, chances are you are one of these individuals. If so, I welcome you to my experiences. And I wish you, my fellow traveler, a pleasant trip into what’s at the core of your life; may you enjoy your journey into the self as much as I did. May you enter our new chapter.


JC Ramos Paulino

JC Paulino